We're Back!

We're Back!

Dec 11 & 12

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The Hamazons enjoying sharing the fun and creative process of improv! In our improv workshops we begin by creating a safe environment so students can feel comfortable to take risks and make mistakes. Through ensemble building games we create a net of safety and fun.

We have experience in teaching all age groups from children to adults and combinations therein.

We can design a workshop to fit your specific needs. Through improv games, exercises and laughter, individuals and groups will find new ways of interacting and having fun. For instance, here are some of the dynamic points that improv brings to the forefront:

  • Make positive choices and statements.
  • Mistakes can be gifts.
  • Make your partner look good.
  • Follow your instincts.
  • Be changed.
  • Keep your promises.
  • Move into the future.
  • Conflict doesn’t need to be brought in, (it will find its own way!).
  • Pay attention. Watch. Listen.

The Hamazons can help you find the path to your spontaneity and self-discovery. When you’re having a good time you can take the risks that will further your creativity!

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ALL current classes are being taught ONLINE

Improv 1: Beginning  – with Eve Smyth

  • Wednesday from 7:00-8:30pm
  • 6 weeks starting Oct. 14 – Nov. 18

This six-week online workshop is a great introduction to the spontaneous thrill of improv. It will cover some of the basic concepts, as well as focusing on specific improv skills. You’ll tap into your imagination and creative instincts in a safe, playful, and supportive environment. Students will learn improv games, as well as develop tools to create stories on our virtual stage. Laughter guaranteed.

Cost: $120  Pre-registration required. Class size is limited. Write to info@hamazons.com for registration and payment information.

Games & Scenes: Intermediate – with Eve Smyth

  • Tuesday from 7:00-8:30pm
  • 6 classes starting Oct. 13 – Nov. 24 (no class on Nov. 3rd)

For people who already have foundational experience in improv – this class moves beyond the basics – working out those improv muscles, honing those skills, and embracing the online format. Moving  deeper into scene work, character development, and bringing the narrative. Upping your game, and always keeping the fun factor high. Fun is important.

Cost: $120  Pre-registration required. Class size is limited. Write to info@hamazons.com for registration and payment information.

Genre Study & Performance: Film Noir – with Eve Smyth

  • Thursday from 7:00-8:45pm
  • 5 weeks starting Oct. 15 – Nov. 12
  • + online performance on Saturday, Nov. 14 @ 7pm

Put on that fedora and bring your improv to the virtual stage. This class will delve into the style and conventions of classic film noir, such as The Maltese Falcon and Double Indemnity, while embracing your own sensibilities and giving it an improv spin. Emphasis will be on narrative beats and moving beyond the stereotype to discover full characters in this genre. You’ll also learn about zoom staging, transitions, sharing, and shining up that extra performance polish. Players build ensemble, practice technique – and build a show. Workshop culminates with a public online performance.  (There will be movie watching homework.)

Cost: $150  Pre-registration required. Class size is limited. Write to info@hamazons.com for registration and payment information. Virtual background/green screen capability recommended.

We offer a variety of workshops throughout the year, feel free to contact us if you’re interested in hearing about upcoming classes.



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