Improvised Shakespeare

Improvised Shakespeare

Sept 13,14,15

June shows POSTPONED to Sept!

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What We Do…

The Hamazons are improvisers.
The Hamazons are performers.
The Hamazons are Warrior Princesses.
That’s right.

The Hamazons have entertained and amazed audiences since 1999. We perform improv. That means that we spontaneously create stories right before your eyes based on suggestions given by the audience. It’s a one of a kind show, completely new each and every time.

Delving into the unknown, The Hamazons bring scenes and long form stories to the stage. Long form improv is a format in which entire stories are improvised by the actors much like a play or a movie, taking audiences on a journey of twists, turn and tilts. You’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat, laughing out loud, as Cil, Eve, and Kyndra weave plotlines and characters together and discover strange connections with heart and humor.

The Hamazons are well-loved for their creed: Avoid profanity, graphic sexuality, gratuitous violence and the degradation of humankind. This creates a circle of trust in world of comic possibilities. As Victor Borge said, “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

The Hamazons can present a improv show anywhere for anyone. Since our performances are based on audience suggestion, it becomes “their” show. We’ve performed at house parties, conferences, seminars, awards ceremonies, fundraisers, corporate events, community celebrations, conventions, benefits, galas, women’s gatherings, museum and gallery openings, private parties, a variety of festivals, …as well as theatres, town halls and a martini bar. Laughter is guaranteed in what we call “the Hama-zone”.

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